Have you ever looked at someone’s costume makeup and found yourself in awe of their skills with eye shadows, paints, and prosthetics? Have you ever wondered just HOW they made those reptile scales or that gruesome scar look completely authentic and well blended? When it comes to Halloween makeup, the quality of the makeup, the types of brushes used, and even the technique all go into making or breaking the final look. We all know just how many different types and brands of makeup are available out there, but when it comes to costume and theatre makeup, we all need the kind that is made to blend well and, most importantly, stay put for hours even under bright, warm lights or even Arizona’s blistering heat.

Whether you are new to costume makeup or are looking to improve your current skills, join us at Keen Halloween for a Halloween Makeup FX workshop. We will show you skills, techniques, and the best makeup we recommend for different types of costume looks. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking into making or using prosthetics, applying scars and wounds, other special effects, or even a more simple but beautiful look for your mythical creature costume;  we’ll share all the tips and tricks with you!

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