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Well hey there! I didn’t hear you come in! “What am I doing in your house” you ask? Don’t let the sharp implements alarm you, new friend! I’m here to give you tips on how to create yourself an awesome Halloween pumpkin! Now put down that phone, pull up a chair, and get a load of these 5 star pumpkin carving lessons!

The Pumpkin: Which pumpkin you choose really depends on the design that you’d like to carve into it. Are you looking to create a face, say, like that of your favorite U.S. President, Rutherford B Hayes? You should look for a taller pumpkin in that case! Do you prefer to make a spooky design, maybe like a spooky cat or a city bus? I won’t judge you but you’ll want to get a wide-sized pumpkin for that!

The First Cut (aka Et tu, Brute?): When it comes to choosing the big hole where you remove the aromatic pumpkin junk, your best options are the top, the bottom, or the back. The back is generally only a good idea if you intend to position the pumpkin in a way that will hide its shame from onlookers but also gives you the easiest access for removing goop. The bottom is an excellent choice if you intend to make a face (unless you want President Hayes to look like he’s recently had a lobotomy but that’s your call!). Lastly, removing the top gives your pumpkin that traditional holiday feel, so do it that way if that is your pleasure. I find that the best tool to use for this step is an inexpensive drywall saw or a filet knife, so make sure your parents champion this step if you are underage or don’t have enough fingers.

Gooper Scooper: Getting all of the stringy innards out can be an exercise in frustration but not if you use an ice cream scoop! Start your way from where you made the hole and just scrape the walls until you are satisfied. For an extra dose of satisfaction, save the seeds to bake as a snack later or set aside the goop to heartily launch at your enemies!

Drawing your masterpiece: Unless you are Superman or Elvis, chances are pretty good that you aren’t perfect. With that in mind your safest bet is using a dry erase marker to draw out your design. Once you are completely satisfied, have a friend or local pumpkin expert peer review your work. Once you get started, all bets are off! Or do you think that pumpkins grow on trees?

Carving it Up: Now there are two ways to go about this step: You can buy a kit from the store or you can use power tools. Most stores worth their salt have kits that won’t break in the first 5 minutes, so you’d probably do well to pay a little bit extra to get the good stuff (plus you can save it for future pumpkins). However, if you happen to be (or know) Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, a jigsaw will save you a ton of time and will be far more accurate. Be careful!

Accessorize: After you’ve masterfully carved your design into the pumpkin, feel free to embellish it with any number of accessories! Candles are great and all, but you can also use any number of different colored LED lights to really give it that shine! Heck, you can even put a wig on it or bedazzle it with the most fashionable rhinestones!

Preservation: Pumpkins, like many things, have a tendency to shrivel up after you’ve put a bunch of holes in them. You can delay the clammy hand of pumpkin death by spritzing down the insides and outside with a mixture of water and a small amount of bleach. This will also keep the mold away!

I hope you learned something today besides needing a stronger home intrusion system! Have a Happy Halloween!

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