Are you recently deceased, re-animated, and engaged to be married? Are you only some or none of those aforementioned things but totally want to look like zombie bride anyway? Well either way, you are in luck! Check out these simple and inexpensive steps to make yourself the zombie bride that all of your friends will be completely envious of!

The Dress: As with most budget costume projects, the thrift store is your friend. You can find any number of white dresses to suit your needs and sometimes you might even luck out and find a solid wedding gown. Note: Keen Halloween does not endorse grave robbing or “borrowing” grandma’s wedding dress for this costume.

Bridezilla but Actually a Zombie Instead of a Giant Lizard: Once you have the right dress, it’s time to go buckwild on it! Scissors are good for cutting up a large portion of the materials in your dress, while X-Acto knives are good for the tougher materials (keep in mind that all of this should be with parental help/supervision if you are underage). Take it to the next level by putting the dress on and rolling around in the dirt! Don’t even explain to the neighbors why you are doing it! Keep eye contact to establish dominance!

Make-up and Accessories: Most inexpensive, store-bought make-up kits are good for putting down the foundation of a totally dead but stunning bride. Lighten/darken your face and skin to desired tones and then move on to blood and latex. Use corn-syrup and food coloring for blood marks and then add latex to areas that you wish to look wounded. You can add some colored contacts if it’s in the budget! Lastly, you will want to acquire a bouquet. We strongly recommend letting a regular bouquet totally die (because it brings out your eyes) but feel free to get creative with it. Black roses and the like are available online!

Attitude: Practice your groans and grunts in front of a mirror. Any mirror will do but it’s even more fun if you do it in a department store or at the gym. You’ll be having fun faster than you can say “May I, uh, help you ma’am”!


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